Natural Resources


Providing services that assess the impacts to living things, their relationship to one another, and their environment.

When a project has the potential to impact living things, there is the potential for damage to plants, animals, and ecosystems.  Federal and state regulations require assessment and permitting for projects that have the potential to impact living things.  


Natural Resources Consulting expertise for developers and property owners

Assessments/Surveys & Sampling

We provide comprehensive natural resource assessments/surveys and sampling to support proposed developments of commercial, industrial, or large residential properties. Prism conducts Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys, Invasive/Nuisance Species Surveys, Dune Bluff & Shoreline Erosion Assessments, Natural Shoreline Assessments, Lake Water Chemistry/Bathymetric Surveys, Fisheries & Wildlife Surveys, Vegetation & Habitat Surveys, Wetland Delineations, Rivers & Streams Sediment Sampling, and High Risk Erosion Setback Determinations.

Natural Resources Restoration

Prism's ecological scientists provide a comprehensive range of services to support projects associated with natural resources restoration. Prism can help you with Wetland Mitigation Restoration, Vegetation Restoration Management Action Plans, Lake and Pond Management Action Plans, Inland Lake Natural Shoreland Restoration, Access Restoration, and Vegetation Assurance. 

Natural Resources Permitting

Prism is one of the Midwest's leading experts for navigating the permit process for natural resources.  Our team of scientists have a long track record of success working with local, state, and federal agencies to identify and obtain the necessary natural resource permits. Our team prepares all of the required permit applications and supporting assessments, inspections, surveys, and reports. Prism has experience with permitting for Great Lakes Coastal Waters (shoreline protection, critical dunes, and high risk erosion), Inland Lakes and Ponds (natural shoreline design and installation and docks & pier installation), Wetlands (local zoning setback determinations and delineations), Floodplains, Section 10 Waters, and Rivers & Streams.


Dredging Permitting & Sampling

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the EGLE have regulatory authority over dredging permits for waters in Michigan. Regulatory authority depends upon the specific waterway.  Prism works with clients to apply for and obtain dredging and construction permits under Part 301(Inland Lakes & Streams) and Part 325 (Great Lakes) guidance.