Site Remediation

We understand that no one wants to own a property with environmental contamination. We also understand that successfully cleaning up a site requires significant experience, expertise, and systematic evaluation of site-specific alternatives and objectives.  

Prism is Michigan's leading environmental consulting firm for environmental site remediation.  Our experience includes site remediation at large and complex Superfund (CERCLA/SARA) sites through smaller leaking underground storage tank properties. 

Turn-Key Remediation Services

Site Characterization

Prior to beginning site remediation and selecting a remedial option, it is important that a comprehensive site characterization be performed, including developing a conceptual site model. The conceptual site model is a site-specific description of the transport and fate of contaminants with potential receptors and the environmental factors that control contaminant distribution.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is performed after contamination has been delineated and prior to site remediation. A feasibility study includes evaluating treatment options, performing bench or pilot studies, developing innovative approaches, financial comparisons of potential technologies, operation and maintenance requirements, and overall site remediation costs.  

Remedial Alternatives

Prism provides project planning, evaluation, and expertise to determine remedial design alternatives.  We consider all site-specific conditions balanced with economic considerations to design the most cost-effective remedial process that achieves regulatory clean-up requirements.  Prism is also experienced in working with innovative remedial technologies.


Remedial Design

Our remedial design experience includes a variety of techniques, including: contaminated material excavation and removal, monitored natural attenuation (MNA), soil vapor extraction (SVE), air sparging, enhanced bioremediation (in-situ), slurry walls, and permeable reactive barriers (PRBs). Prism works closely with clients to select the most appropriate alternative.

Pilot Studies

Performed as part of a Feasibility Study, pilot studies are performed to evaluate site remediation alternatives. A pilot study, performed objectively, will serve a variety of purposes and lead to the best possible outcomes.  These studies can be performed as a Bench Scale Pilot Study, Field Scale Pilot Study, or Pre-Operational Pilot Study using full-scale remediation system infrastructure.

Construction Management

Once the site characterization, feasibility study, remedial design, and pilot study is complete, it's time for remedial action. Prism provides Construction Management services to ensure that the selected remedial design plan is properly constructed and operated.  Prism's licensed professional engineers prepare engineering plans to manage bid procurement and source selection.