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Prism Science & Technology is an interdisciplinary environmental and ecological consulting firm servicing clients throughout the Midwest.  Since its founding in 1997, Prism has been dedicated to providing responsive service and expertise to guide clients through a diverse range of environmental programs.  Our experience and absolute commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness, and client satisfaction ensures that the best solutions are provided to our clients.


Environmental Consulting


Guiding our clients

Environmental Consulting

Prism is a leading environmental consulting firm with a proud history in supporting projects in Property Transfer, Site Remediation, Brownfields, and Regulatory Compliance.  Our team of environmental geologists, engineers, hydrogeologists, geoscientists, and biologists are skilled at working closely with clients to provide them with consultive guidance to ensure regulatory requirements and project objectives are in balance. 

Navigating environmental regulations can seem complex and intimidating. Prism focuses on keeping it simple by taking the time to educate clients through the various due diligence, liability protection, and cleanup processes. Prism’s environmental services systematically evaluate a property and customize solutions to allow the intended use.  



ExperienceD Professionals

With more than 20 years of experience, Prism provides expert environmental consulting services and guidance for clients throughout the Midwest.  

Our team works diligently to provide value-added environmental consulting services for a diverse-range of projects.


Natural Resources



Natural Resources

Prism understands the important balance that is needed to help you make decisions based upon ecological conditions, intended land use, regulatory requirements, and economics. We share a common goal in protecting our ecosystems, encouraging economic growth, and supporting our communities.  

We provide comprehensive ecological services support for our clients on varying and complex project sites.  


Assessments & Permitting

Our Natural Resources program offers ecological assessments and permitting expertise for wetlands, floodplains, sand dunes, shorelines, lakes, rivers, harbors, and watersheds. 

Not sure which natural resource requirements impact your project?  Contact us to learn more about Ecological Services and how Prism can assist.




Industrial Compliance



Industrial Services

Industrial Compliance

Prism understands the regulatory requirements for industrial manufacturing facilities and operations.  We're experienced in providing regulatory compliance for smaller fabrication facilities to large manufacturing plants.  Our compliance services include auditing, assessing, managing, and permitting for regulatory programs covering air emissions, wastewater discharge, stormwater, and waste management. Prism provides total facility environmental regulatory compliance services.


Full-service compliance expertise

Industrial facilities and plants are required to comply with a variety of environmental regulatory programs. Prism is skilled at guiding its clients for compliance with the Clean Water Act (CWA), Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), Clean Air Act (CAA), and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Are you responsible for a Superfund (CERLCA) site?  Prism supports Superfund investigations, site remediation, on-going compliance monitoring, and reporting.


OSHA Compliance

& Safety Training


we provide Courses at our training center or your facility

OSHA Compliance & Safety Training

We provide compliance and safety training at the new Prism Training Center in Kalamazoo or can provide training on-site at your facility. Training courses include compliance with OSHA, HAZWOPER, and Asbestos. Many of these courses can be performed at your facility if there are several employees from your company that need training. 

Brad Shook leads the Prism Training Center with 30 years of industry experience. He is a well-respected instructor with significant and relevant professional experience that he shares with his class participants to relate to each training session.


comprehensive Training

Prism shares a common objective with employers: Keeping Workers Safe on the Job.  We've created the Prism Training Center to serve as Michigan's comprehensive training resource to ensure your employees receive the best available training while keeping you in compliance with OSHA and MIOSHA training requirements.

Prism Training Center
5111 East ML Avenue, Suite A-50
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